21 agosto, 2006

Greetings From Trieste

Tomorrow I'm going to go for my holydays, so I do not know if I will be in time for other pictures to post here before I leave. So, I want to greeting you all, my friends, and I wish you had nice days as I hope to have in Croatia. I will be back again the 4th or the 5th of september, ready for another year of blogging! Kisses you all, Max :)

16 agosto, 2006

My Granpa

He is my grandfather. He is 87, he did it at the 3rd of august. His name is Domenico, or simply Dino. I really love him as myself. He is my only last granpa I have. He is on a picture, in a past post on here, with my mother, when I was one. Yesterday we went with my girl Mara to eat fishes on a restaurant, where i took these (and other) pictures. In these days my parents are on holyday and I am with him the most of the time. I cook for him on his house or we go out for little trips to Slovenia for eating good dishes, and drinking good wines and beers. He's my hero.

10 agosto, 2006

Meeting Salvo

Due giorni fa io e Scure siamo andati a trovare la famiglia di Salvo, e dopo un bel pranzetto ci siamo scaraventati nella birreria Pedavena, una birreria con una gran buona birra, dovrò ritornarci!

Two days ago I went with my friend Scure to visit another biker, Salvo. After a lunch in a goo restaurant where we meet Salvo's wife, their daughter and son, and his brother in law, we went to the Pedavena's brewery. Their beer has a very good taste, I must retourn there!

01 agosto, 2006

Carta Canta

"Carta Canta", traduzione letterale per dire che uno scritto può essere inoppugnabile rispetto alle forme verbali di comunicazione. Si può utilizzare tale espressione in un dibattimento per dimostrare a qualcuno che si è dalla parte della ragione, perché c'è qualcosa di scritto su una "carta" che, appunto, "canta" la sua ragione a chi si oppone solo verbalmente.
Questa notte ho fatto alcune foto ad un gruppo di miei amici in un vecchio pub di Trieste, si chiamano "Carta Canta".

Carta Canta, literal translation "paper sings". Expression used to say that a written text can be incontestable in opposite to verbal forms of communication. You could use that expression on a debate, to demostrate to someone that you are right, because you have something written on a" paper" who can "sing" your right to everyone who is debating you verbally. Tonight I take some pictures to friends'o'mine into an old pub in Trieste, and they are called "Carta Canta".