21 luglio, 2009

Brenda Rattray Jazz Gospel Band

TriesteLovesJazz 2009

Trieste, July 20, 2009

Brenda Rattray Jazz Gospel Band

feat. Trieste Gospel 2009 Choir

Brenda Rattray: vocals

Chris Wilson: keyboards

Dominic Ashworth: guitars

Delmar Edwards: bass

Winston Clifford: drums

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15 luglio, 2009

Carlos Santana. Supernatural Tour 2009.

Yesterday evening I was to shoot for the Carlos Santana's Tour 2009. Supernatural! I love to shoot for the big concert, it's very different by the small ones even if shooting for the smallest is lovely because you can have free access to all areas. For the biggest organizations you have restrictions to areas and you need to deal with the staff for having someting more.

Anyway! It was a gorgeous concert and great musicians too!

The room for the photographers under the stage was a few little but we all had the possibility to do our work.

Carlos Santana Supernatural Tour
Carlos Santana: guitar,
Dennis Chambers: drums,
Chester Thompson: keyboards,
Raul Rekov: congas,
Andy Vargas: vocals,
Tony Lindsay: vocals,
Karl Perazzo: percussions,
Benny Rietveld: bass,
Jeff Cressman: trombone,
Bill Ortiz: trumpet,
Tommy Athony: guitars/vocals,
Jeff Cressman: trombone

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14 luglio, 2009

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

Tomorrow I will meet again Brian Auger and his band. I'm very happy for that, after I photographed them last year during the TriestLovesJazz Festival. This year I will go to meet them near Padova, in the Veneto Region; they are touring Europe since august.
The band is formed by Brian Auger (the Godfather of acid jazz!), his sons Karma and Savannah Auger, and the revolving bass player Andreas Geck. Here some of the pictures I did to them last year in Trieste:

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Venice: just a trip

The first days of june we went to visit Venice, for just a little trip. In the days before the trip we had a lot of bad days with rain and storms: not usual for the june's period in Italy. Anyway we went to visit to my girl' sister and we stayed with them for a day, relaxin', drinkin', eating lovely dishes cooked with supremacy by my brother in law. During the afternoon of the sunday we decided to go for the trip to Venice, just because the weather was turning to a lovely sunny, even if the storms were all around the city of Venice.
We used the train to reach the center of Venice, after that three hours by feet to see the famous venetian city. As usual I used my camera, without thinking the pictures would be so interesting for that day.. we were there for some hours and I had not the time to walk for takin pictures. But the weather gave me the possibility to take some really interesting moments, expecially in the famous San Marco's Square, when the sea started to grow up. These are some of the shots I did that day, I hope you will enjoy them as I did while I was photographing.

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