03 settembre, 2009

After some weeks without posting I just want to post some pictures I had from my Aikido practice. These pictures were made by my mother, father and girl, during the practice I did before my brown belt exams. I really love and enjoy aikido! In the past two months I had not the possibility to go to the dojo 'cause my photographic work for the TriesteLovesJazz festival, but this evening I will restart the new season and I'm very excited for it! :)

Brazilian All Stars play Jobim

TriesteLovesJazz 2009

Trieste, July 19, 2009

I had the possibilty to photograph another lovely concert with great musicians during the TriesteLovesJazz 2009. I met the famuos stars Duduka DaFonseca, Eddie Gomez, Toninho Horta.. and also Dick Oatts, Helio Alves and Maucha Adnet. The location, as usual, was situated on the biggest and beautiful square in Trieste, Piazza dell'Unita' d'Italia. During the afternoon I spoke some words with them, taking some pictures during the backstage. I arrived on the stage some moments before the sunset and I did some shots of the stage and the staff working on the stage lights. With the beautiful colours of the orange and blue dusk the show started givin' us a very nice concert!

Brazilian All Stars play Jobim
Duduka DaFonseca, drums;
Eddie Gomez, bass;
Dick Oatts, sax;
Toninho Horta, guitar, vocal;
Maucha Adnet, vocal;
Helio Alves, piano

ph Massimo Goina ©2009 Goina.com

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