17 aprile, 2009

Paul Gilbert Guitar Clinic

Paul Gilbert Guitar Clinic @ Casa della Musica, Trieste

Paul Gilbert: guitar, voice
Mauro Berardi: drums
Alessandro Leonzini: bass

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Just the time to have a picture with Marco, a friend who was playing with me some years ago!

03 aprile, 2009

Buster Williams "Something More" Quartet

Yesterday I met the biggest of the jazz music Buster Williams, Lenny White, Bennie Maupin and Georg Cooligan. As I said to Mr Williams, the quartet played "surfing the groove", with a fantastic selection of jazz music played with supremacy. The fact is that they play speacking a language between them, and they tell to eachother things that we can hear, but we can't enjoy as the do. I don't know if you understan what I mean.
Yesterday I did the photographs and today the selections of the best shots. For some of them I did some digital retouches just to take off some guys in the back of the piano player.
I do not want to write more on this concert, just 'cause I'm at the end of the day and of the week, and I want only to get my poor eyes!

Buster Williams "Something More" Quartet (website)
Buster Williams: bass
Lenny White: drums
Bennie Maupin: sax
George Colligan: piano

More pictures on my MySpace page.