27 maggio, 2010


This winter I did a photo session for a live of Lucorient. They were a well known band in my town during the '80.

This time I worked on a slideshow with my pictures and with the music of Lucorient. The slideshow probably will become an intro page for their website.

25 maggio, 2010

The making of Angelo Comisso's CD

During December 2009 I was engaged for taking some portraits of the piano player Angelo Comisso, and his trio - Luca Colussi (drums) and Simone Serafini (doublebass) - for his new work titled "Sturm Und Drang". Angelo is a talentous piano player I met some years ago during my first jazz festival in 2008. He is very introspective and at the same time he is a funny guy who makes a lot of jokes that make you laugh. In this CD he plays with his trio for the half and piano solo for the rest; listening to the piano solo he reminds me to the beautiful "The Piano" movie. The producer of the CD is Sergio Cossu (Blue Serge), he was the player and producer of the famous italian band Matia Bazar for a decade (here a youtube link to one of their songs written by Sergio).
In the post some of the pictures I made during the photographic session, when Sergio and Angelo they were mixing the music with Fulvio Zafret in his recording studio.
The three blue pictures are the ones that are inserted in the CD's booklet, and the second portrait of Angelo was used for the back of the cover.
For the jazz trio I made a photosession in the recording room, while they were playing for a while. I used to take the entire set with some low spots at the top of the room and a normal stand light used for having a directional hard light from right or left.

Angelo Comisso:

Simone Serafini:

Luca Colussi:

Sergio Cossu:

Sergio Cossu, Fulvio Zafret and back Angelo Comisso:

Angelo during the portrait session:

17 maggio, 2010

14 maggio, 2010

The wedding of Giovanni and Valeria

Shooting for the wedding of Giovanni and Valeria it was a pleasure for me! I passed some days in Perugia (Umbria region, Italy) and I made the wedding pictures in Todi, the city of Jacopone da Todi. The wedding ceremony was done in the Town Council and the wedding party in the ancient house were Jacopone lived for a period, in Todi, an old building full of Renaissance frescoes.
The day after the wedding I made a photographic tour in Perugia, during a beautiful sunday morning in may. I'll post the pictures soon.

Here some of the pictures made at the wedding...

13 maggio, 2010

Omar Hakim

I've met Omar last month durin his tour with "The trio of Oz", with Rachel Z at the piano and Maeve Royce at the double bass. More pictures HERE.

05 maggio, 2010

Giovanni e Valeria

After months of hard work in graphic design and photography I just want to post here some of the shots I made last week to some nice guys, Giovanni and Valeria. This weekend I'm going to photograph their marriage in Todi, a small nice city in the Umbria region.

These shots were made in the beautiful Slovenian meadows near Trieste. We spent some hours going around with my car. It was a lovely day, with a beautiful sun and wind, with great and interesting clouds.

I can't wait to leave Trieste for Todi this weekend!!