29 giugno, 2010

24 giugno, 2010

The orange raincoat

Two photographs made during my photographic session for a cover book of horror novels, written by Sabrina Gregori, the girl in the orange raincoat. The briefing and the art direction of the cover book is totally different and when the book will be presented the next 14th of July, I'll post the coverbook with my photograph. But for now I want to show just two pictures I made after the photographic session, before taking the lunch. I was so interested in working on the Sabrina's expression; she is a kind girl and I wanted to have a shot of her with her "dark half".
In the dark background Antonella Rimbaldo, the model for the session, and a great friend and photographer.
Below, a picture of the location, a music recording studio of a friend 'o mine, Alberto, who is assisting me during this little session.

22 giugno, 2010

Piccolo Circo dei Musicanti (PDF)

The Little Circus of Musicians

This is the PDF book I've made after the session I photographed last week. You can browse the 40 pages book or open it full screen.

I hope you will enjoy it as I did during the photographic session.

11 giugno, 2010

Activities for children

Some shoots I made today for the activities for children done at Casa della Musica, in my town. These activities are done by teachers for stimulate the creativity of children with songs, jokes, drawings and plenty of enjoyment. I enjoy myself during these sessions even if after the session I'm very tired because for the most of the time I walk and I do photographies on my knees. But I really like the final work and every knee pain is forgotten!

03 giugno, 2010

2 giugno 2010 - Fanfara dei Bersaglieri alla Festa della Repubblica

Trieste, 2 giugno 2010
Festa della Repubblica

Qualche immagine dell'ammaina bandiera e la Fanfara dei Bersaglieri