28 marzo, 2009

Carl Verheyen Trio

As usual in the last months I'm always busy for my work and my engagements. But really I want to mantain this blog alive and I will do everything for doing it!

Carl Verheyen Trio.
Carl Verheyen: guitar and voice
Dave Marotta: bass
Walfredo Reyes Jr.: drums

Carl Verheyen was one of the guitarists of the Supertramp, and he signed the soundtrack of "The Crow" movie, Dave Marotta played with Manhattan Transfer, Phil Collins, Burt Bacharach and Walfredo Reyes with Santana, Steve Winwood, Jackson Brown.

I met them two weeks ago in the Auditorium of Casa della Musica in Trieste. They are actually touring Europe presenting the new album of Carl Verheyen Band. All of them are very interesting persons. The one who hit me more than the others is Mister Walfredo Reyes Jr., the BIG Walfredo. Obviously this is 'cause I'm a drummer and I have a certain feeling when I'm in contact with musicians like him.
The Auditorium where they played is a little room, but here the musicians can play for the true fans, in a familiar atmosphere. And they did!
I met them in the backstage before the concert, when they were relaxing after a dinner into a restaurant of traditional Napolitan food. I asked myself why give them a traditional dish from Naples when in the North East of Italy we have more tasteful dishes than them, but maybe I'm too much linked to my roots than others or maybe this was a request of the musicians. But I'm not here to speack about the food, so anyway, I'll go for the Trio.
In the backstage they were very kind with me and I had some time to speack with them about music and photography.

Tasty concert between some intimate friends in the Auditorium of the Casa della Musica of Trieste. Carl led the entire concert commenting on their songs as if he was spending a quiet evening with friends. He was occasionally supported by the jokes and the gags of the big Walfredo Reyes and by the rhytmic machine Dave Marotta. During the evening every musician had the opportunity to demonstrate its total musical abilities, which range in all directions. At the end of the concert the group went with a funny encore with Walfredo at the voice and percussions, while Carl and Dave were supporting him with their personal instruments; really a cool encore for the enjoyed audience!

Here some of the pictures I did, more on my MySpace page.