31 luglio, 2006

Alan Parson

Saturday night with Alan Parson Project in the beautiful square in front of the sea, Piazza Unita', in Trieste. A Beautiful place for a beautiful music. (on the back side of the stage you can see the town council building)

26 luglio, 2006

Lussino, Croatia

This is one of the beautiful places i know, maybe because I know it since I was one year old. Lussino is the croatian isle where my mother was born and I'm very happy that I will be there again on the last two weeks of August. These are pictures I did last year.

25 luglio, 2006

Bikers Party

A party before going to a bikers event.

Couple #1: a picture into a picture

Couple#2: from Tuscany, Ennegi and Orso

Couple #3: nurses from hell!

17 luglio, 2006

Tribute Band: Kiss

Tribute band: Les Rockets

Do you remember.. Les Rockets?

7th Misty Dawn

All'undicesimo raduno dei "The Wild Bunch" ho visto il gruppo del mio vecchi amico, e insegnante metal di batteria, Silver. La band si chiama 7th Misty Dawn e suonano pezzi di varie band metal.

At 11th motorcycle event of the MC "The Wild Bunch" I saw the band of my old friend, and metal-drums teacher, Silver. The band is called 7th Misty Dawn and they play songs of various metal bands.

07 luglio, 2006

On the Lake

A cloudy sunday on a lake, during the spring..

04 luglio, 2006

Indians' MC Meeting

Some pictures of the Indians' Meeting on the beautiful Istria, Croatia.