02 novembre, 2010

from July to November...

hmmmm... I'm still working without posting any file here... :!

To post something after this long pause I want to speack about a horse I met in the last days of september.

Maestoso Romida
this is the name of this white lipizzaner stallion. I met him durin some days of holyday in the last days of September in the slovenian lands. He is a stallion "pure lipizzaner" with great pedigree; he was born in Wien, he lived in Sweden and now he is living between Lipica and Ljubljana. 
I loved to stay one day with him and with his owners. I hope to meet him as soon as possible.

21 luglio, 2010

TriesteLovesJazz festival 2010

The TriesteLovesJazz international festival has begun and my cameras are working every afternoon and evening. In the past months I projected and made all the graphic designs and now I'm photographing all the musicians and the stars who will play on our stages in Trieste.
This year we will be visited by three important international artists: Larry Carlton, Esperanza Spalding and The Trio of Oz (Omar Hakim, Rachel Z and Maeve Roice).
Actually I made the first three events, I post some of the pictures I love for the most, but all the set can be viewed going to the TriesteLovesJazz official website (in the entry gate you can see some of the pictures I made last year).

Above David Massey and the the Trieste Gospel Choir, below the latin band Ocho Rios

13 luglio, 2010

08 luglio, 2010

A morning with Joy

Stefania Joy Camiolo is a singer I met last year during the TriesteLovesJazz festival. Here and here some shots of the two concerts she did in Trieste.

Lorenzo Niego: drowning the outback

Some days ago I had the opportunity to make some photographs for Lorenzo Niego a didgeridoo player (one of the first dig players in Italy). He played among the others with Almamegretta and 99 Posse, two south italian bands famous for their political and social activities. 
In this set I wanted to recall to the Blue Mountains, that I saw when I was touring Australia with the band I was drumming during 1993.

01 luglio, 2010

Portrait of a writer

Sabrina Gregori: portrait of a writer.

29 giugno, 2010

24 giugno, 2010

The orange raincoat

Two photographs made during my photographic session for a cover book of horror novels, written by Sabrina Gregori, the girl in the orange raincoat. The briefing and the art direction of the cover book is totally different and when the book will be presented the next 14th of July, I'll post the coverbook with my photograph. But for now I want to show just two pictures I made after the photographic session, before taking the lunch. I was so interested in working on the Sabrina's expression; she is a kind girl and I wanted to have a shot of her with her "dark half".
In the dark background Antonella Rimbaldo, the model for the session, and a great friend and photographer.
Below, a picture of the location, a music recording studio of a friend 'o mine, Alberto, who is assisting me during this little session.